Friday, 31 October 2008

L'Arbre des Rêves

Autumn is here and the trees have shed their leaves. Now, if only something else was to grow in their place...

Black quilted and studded, £3.99 from a Hospice shop

Tan leather and suede, 5p from a jumble sale

Velvet, metal and PVC glittery, £2 fom a Hospice shop

Silk sequined 1920s, 20p from a car boot sale

Leather polka dot, 75p from an Oxfam

Petit point, £2 from an RSPCA shop

Gold quilted, £2.99 from a Save The Children shop

Black leather, 5p from a jumble sale

Tan leather mini satchel, £1 from a Hospice shop

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Mon Cahier

For the past couple of months, I have used a sketchbook as a store of my fashion inspiration. The pages reflect my ideal style, and I use the book as a guide to see how far I have traversed in achieving this. Photographs, pieces of magazines and newspapers, sketches, buttons, ribbon, certain words, lace and beads, they all congregate here in these collages.
The book acts as a gentle nudge, reminding me of how I would like to dress, with little regard to any current trends or fads. I have even purchased a few of the items featured......