Saturday, 28 February 2009


Whenever I visit Bando, I undoubtedly end up lusting over almost everything in their shop. The mixing of feathers, velvet, silk, satin, sequins and jewels is magical, and if I won the lottery I think I'd buy every piece. Until then though, I'll just have to save up my money...

These two are my favourites of all - I adore the blue and green peacock feathers of the headband, whilst the soft pastel shades of the feather clip make me wish that Spring was here already!

Using some pink satin ribbon and five little bows, I attempted my own DIY version which pales in comparison to those at Bando. I intend to use burgundy velvet and antique cream lace for my next project, and hopefully it will turn out even better!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

In The Greenhouse Of Burberry

When I saw this ad campaign in Vogue a few months ago, featuring the 4th picture below, I was smitten. How quintessentially English a setting is an old glass greenhouse bursting with shrubs, bushes and grasses? It provides the perfect backdrop to the floppy hats, feminine dresses and impeccable tailoring sported by Lily Donaldson et al.

The metal flowers and buds clustered on leather necklaces are quite beautiful, and evocative of memories of early spring when trees begin to blossom. I admire Christopher Bailey for this quirky choice of milieu - I find it a welcome relief from the plain and boring white screen in front of which most fashion advertisements are shot.

The pleating of this sheer dress is incredibly pretty, and I love how it's been paired with a worn-in denim coat.

The flower appliqué on the sleeves of the green coat adds interest and dimension to the piece, and the dress on the left is a such a pretty shade of rosy pink.

Sequins and metallics are anything but ostentatious when worn with slouchy woolen socks and bucket hats - relaxed glamour at it's best.

The dip-dyed brown trench seems to be inspired by mud and water soaking up the hem, creating an ombré effect.

The textured emellishments of some of the garments are just stunning - I can only wonder at the craftmanship that went into their development.

If you wish, you can view the entire ad campaign here.

Friday, 20 February 2009

New Jewellery

I haven't really spent that much in the past couple of weeks, but most of what I have bought has been jewellery. I appear to be collecting necklaces as well as bangles now!!

Set of 6 bangles, £2 from a little shop in Birmingham

Vintage silver fish necklace, £1 from a charity shop

Pale pink orchid shaped ceramic studs, £1 from a charity shop

Gold bangle with bells attached, 50p from a little shop in Birmingham

Red plastic heart necklace, £1 from a charity shop

Red and gold beaded bangle, 50p from a little shop in Birmingham

Gold layered bird necklace, £2 from Primark

Gold love ring, £4 from Accessorize

Gold bangle with metal tassel and pastel-coloured beads & rhinestones, £1 from a little shop in Birmingham

Heart necklace with a pressed rose inside, £2 from Primark

I wouldn't wear all of the bangles together, but I just had to try them all on at once!!!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Polka Polka

Blue, red, navy and white polka dot tea dress, £2.50 from H&M
Red sparkly leather ballet flats, £10 from Office
Gold and crystal bangles, £1 from Warehouse
Black knit ribbed tights, £2.50 from New Look

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Inspiration 2

Just another few pictures from the "Inspiration" folder on my computer....

Erin Fetherston never fails to design a collection that is pretty, feminine and utterly adorable. In Miu Miu heels and surrounded by dresses in aqua, peach and baby pink, her life seems perfect!!

This vintage pheasant feather hairpiece is unusual but oh so lovely, and I like how the green and blue sheen to some of the feathers is almost iridescent.

In a rose-streaked gown, surrounded by glowing orbs of light, Lily Cole is a decidedly eerie sight...

The swirling pattern on these cupcakes is delightful, and with blue icing and sculpted pink roses, they look absolutely delicious and delectable!

I'm in love with this vintage country cottage-shaped handbag that I found in an online store over a year ago. However, I can no longer remember exactly where I happened upon it, and so owning it must still remain a dream...

Miuccia Prada's Spring/Summer collection in 2008 was possibly the best collection ever. I saw some of these pieces in Harrods and actually dreamt about the fairy illustrations for weeks afterwards!

Sean Bean as Sharpe is definitely good TV viewing, and the costume is just a bonus - frogging, buttons, tassels, worn leather..........

This dress is the most stunning shape - I'm smitten by the puff sleeves, nipped-in waist and poufy skirt.

If only I had the skill to recreate this look, with sprinkles of colour trailing behind a cerise butterfly, teal eyelids, flawless skin and softly glossy lips.

Pastel tulle sculpted into spheres and sheer sleeves - what more can I say?

Peacocks are possibly my most favourite animals, and this vintage rhinestone brooch on Ebay is a testament to their majestic qualities.